26 May 2009

An outing to the country : Carlos Keen

Autunm colors May 25th is a national holiday and we decide enjoy having an outing to the countryside Near Buenos Aires, only 85 kilometers longer, we found a small and charming country town: Carlo Keen. Today morning The morning was sunny and warm, totally unusual for autumn. Good for us .We starts the day having breakfast out in a restaurant close to home .I order coffee and milk and a croissant. It was incredible good and well done. Ending the meal we take the road toward to the country. Arriving earlier, we had time to walk around the town and thought I'd take the opportunity to take pictures to show you. Dibujo The town was founded around an old train station, presently works as a museum. We fund there ancient native tools as a native loom above. Native loom After the walk we take lunch in one of many restaurants that we found in thee town. Carlos Keen at present moment is the hot spot of country restaurants; it became trendy after a note in an important Argentine newspaper Dibujo 2 I can’t say the food is amazing, is just Ok and the prices are good, in fact nice prices, you can eat start, main dish and dessert for less that you normally pay in some restaurant in Buenos Aires Is a good example of Argentine real country and homemade cuisine and the outing was great How to arrive: National Route 7 km 83 AddThis Social Bookmark Button


Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful outing!


Helene said...

What a nice national day. Great pictures.

Carol said...

Que lugar incrível, e que fotos maravilhosas. Bjs

Sophie said...

Oooh Sylvia: beautiful pictures!!

I just gave you an award on my foodblog!! Please come over & collect it, my dear friend!

I want you to know that I had 84% on my latest Spanish exam & in total for the year 87% !!! Great, hey?

Bellini Valli said...

Love trips to the country. It is amazing the treasures you find.

lisa (dandysugar) said...

What an amazing beautiful day! I just love day trips like this! The things you can do and find!

Laurie said...

What a fun weekend Sylvia! We did the same thing over our Holiday weekend.. touring the country side and berry farms. Beautiful pics!

Sylvia said...

Paz . It was fun

Helene Yes, was so nice Thanks

Obrigada Carol

Sophie I´m so proud of you, Congrats
I'm stop by to check it

You right Valli, is amazing the stunning things that we find

Good for you too, Berry farms are great

Anita said...

How charming this place.
I surely will visit Buenos Aires (and the countryside) again !

lisaiscooking said...

Sounds like a great day, and those are gorgeous photos!