2 Apr 2008

Ideas for brunch II Colored salmon canapés

As I comment previously. last Sunday I celebrate my husband's birthday I had luck because the wether was warm and sunny So I carry out my tables and my guest said the idea was wonderful and everybody enjoy the day, including me.

How the day was sunny inspired me to made a colorful decoration , including my canapé's tray,as you can check in the photo above

Canapes and figs with gorgonzola

I made this canapés the was basically dried figs and apples ,stuffed with gorgonzola or another blue cheese that you had in home.

You only must smash the cheese with a fork and pour a little bit cream cheese and fresh cream, Then you must cut in half lengthwise Important: The fruit that would be soften in mix of warm water and sweet white wine.Stuff the fruits and serve

For the beet colored salmon canapé

Pour the smoked salmon in China bowl. Watch the point would be on top. The best way that you can do is bending softly until the picks stay up. cover with grated row beet. Then , you must covered with wax paper and leave to refrigerate for few hours.Carefully remove the beet, and you will see that the salmon acquires a beautiful red hints color


Cut small pieces of bread and grease with butter . Pour a small piece of camembert or brie cheese over them and decorate with a piece in a rose shape. Serve and certainly your guest will love it


Hillary said...

That is sooo colorful and beautiful! Great flavor and color combinations.

pipoka said...

Já fui chegando e já fui ficando sem palavras. Que coisa mais linda!


Kevin said...

Those canapés are nice and colourful. Both the dried fruit with gorgonzola and salmon ones sounds really good!

Peter M said...

Sylvia, colour is an understatement...this is vibrant and no doubt tasty with the salmon.

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Very pretty, Sylvia! No wonder your guests enjoyed it so much! I am sure you husband gave you major points for that one!

Núria said...

Hola Sylvia! What beautiful pictures!!! Those canapes must have been delicious! I'm so glad Jenn mentioned your blog. It's really beautiful :D

Ellieut said...

I would never have thought of coloring salmon tips! What a brilliant idea! I am planning on serving these for my daughters upcoming graduation. Thank you!