25 Jul 2007


I was tagged by Valerie, Bake your cake and eat too to tell eight things about me. I admit that it was a hard task.

I love to cook; when I was a child my sister always requested dolls .I preferred tea set and toy pots.

I like to invent foods.

Non work with kitchen, I reach for hobbie and personal pleasure

I adore spices, when I travel for the countries I like to visit his markets and groceries. I always come with the suitcase full with those things

I am a compulsive reader; there were times in my life that I ended up reading up to 4 books per month

The movies have always been part of my life .I worked with the advertising commercial and images.

I am a compulsive consumer of bags and things to the house.

And definitively the most important thing, I am married with a stupendous man,

I am a happy person.

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