11 Feb 2014

Golden coconut squares

Haaa ... birthday parties .... meetings .... no matter if they are  children or grown ups, there's a lot of planning and thinking about what you can do to make everyone happy

Always worried about what to do sweet to go with the cake,  many do not like birthday cake, so I always bake some bars or squares and mini cakes,  are easy and delicious. They are also ideal to accompany tea or coffee with friends Here I leave this delicious recipe and hope you like it. And have a wonderful week!

                                                   Golden coconut bars



        200 g butter
        140 g sugar
        Vanilla extract 1 tablespoon
        250g flour
        1 pinch of salt
        1/2 teaspoon baking powder
        1/2 teaspoon baking soda

        For the filling

        1 can of sweet condensed milk
        1 tablespoon butter
        250 g of grated coconut
          In a saucepan pour the condensed milk with butter. Always stirring, cook until the bottom off. 
          Reserve and let cool. 
          In a hot pan pour 250g grated coconut and stir until golden 

          Preheat oven to 220 º C. 

          Beat butter and sugar until the consistency of a cream 
          Add the essence and the flour mixed with baking powder, salt and baking. 
          Put the dough in a rectangular pan 30 by 40 and bake for about 15minutes. Or until lightly golden this. Cool and pour the condensed milk mixture. Covering with golden coconut. Cut into squares and serve.


        Unknown said...

        Uns quadrados com um tom dourado lindíssimo.

        Beijinhos e e bom ter postagens novas

        WokandSpoon said...

        These look lovely and sweet! I have a really soft spot for coconut treats!

        Unknown said...

        Looking so inviting ...... Wanna grab it right now!

        Unknown said...

        Looking so inviting........wanna grab it right now !

        WokandSpoon said...

        I love all the coconut spilling over! Lovely!