9 Sept 2007

Kumquat in light syrup

Some days ago I was without inspiration to cook. I have the habit of going to the supermarket or the grocery to see and find inspiration to prepare the food. Sometimes, it can be different cuts from meat, poultry or fish that would inspire me .... But the inspiration doesn't arrive and passing in the grocery’s cash (there is one stupendous near here) with a laconic lettuce plant, when I saw those tinny and small oranges. They were kumquat. At the same moment I thought of making them in syrup, those small oranges have a very fine shell and eatable twist, it is the only orange that has their eatable shell in raw. I like fruits in syrup, mainly the citric fruits.That contrast among sweet and acid made me crazy. The recipe is simple to make, takes its time, but it is not difficult and the result is great.

Update This is my contribution from AFAM, hosted this month for Margot from Coffee & Vanilla an amazing blog with fabulous Caribbean European recipes

Kumquat in light syrup

1 Kg kumquat

The same weight in sugar


Wash the oranges well and boil in water, after that first boil allow to cool.

Cut an extremity and hole the shell with a toothpick or with a fork carefully for not repairing the fruit.

Weigh and put in a big pan with the same weight in sugar and cover with water.

Boil during five minutes and to reserve one day for the following step

Boil the following day until the shells are translucent.

During the boil gray foam can appear, retire with a tablespoon, this way the syrup will be transparent.


Anh said...

this is a fantastic way to preserve kumquat! And I love your photos, too!

Sylvia said...

Thanks for your sweet coment Anh,I agree is the best way to preserve

KellytheCulinarian said...

I've never actually had a kumquat, I don't think, but these look fabulous. Nice photos.

Thistlemoon said...

What a wonderful wonderful idea Sylvia! I know what you mean about trying to find inspiration. Sometimes it is so hard, and yet so surprising when it hits!

Sylvia said...

Kelly ,is nice,you must prove.

Jenn,that right ,is hard sometimes find the inspiration,but we always finally found,sometimes in simple things.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos Sylvia. My husband always jokes about how I window shop for food. Just walking from one end of the market to the other, looking for inspiration. Glad to hear that others do that too. I have only had fresh kumquats, but there is a Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles that serves a sweet and sour sauce using kumquats, so I bet your recipe in light syrup would be quite delicious. What do you do with them? Put them on yogurt, or toast or something? Maybe in puff pastry?

Sylvia said...

Yes, my husband doesn’t believe that I look for inspiration in markets I think that all husbands think in the same way.
I get used to eat them alone, like dessert or accompany with vanilla ice cream. But I was wondering that if I processed them with little syrup it would be good as cake filler.
Thanks for your kind visit.

Cynthia said...

Sylvia, this is a great idea. I can imagine this not only drizzled over icecream but also scones, breads, or even added to tea for flavour and sweetness. Fantastic stuff!

Sylvia said...

Cynthia, good idea,I suppose with scones was great

Mallow said...

That is positively beautiful! Who knew that kumquats could be so elegant!

Mansi said...

Wow, this looks so nice!! makes my mouth water:) My best former colleague at work was from argentina, visiting your blog made me nostalgic:(

Sylvia said...

Mallow ,isn't it!!!
Mansi i hope you came here and don't miss more your friend,Thanks for your visit

Vera said...

Que fotos bonitas !

Coffee and Vanilla said...


I'm hosting AFAM - kumquats this month, today is the last day and I would love to have this recipe as your entry.


Thank you, Margot

Coffee and Vanilla said...


Just a short note to let you know that April's AFAM (Kumquats) round-up is now online: