3 Aug 2007

Once upon a time.....A dessert

Susan from Well seasoned Cook has had stupendous idea of relating the food with movies, In the event Food in Films. As I am a movie fan , I have loved the idea. When I saw the one post I am not gone by the memory none of the classic gastronomy movies like Vatel, The party of Babette, or Wather from Chocolate.

In first thing that I thought was Once upon a time in America (1985) Directed by Sérgio Leone, with Robert de Niro and James Wood. A movie with a stupendous soundtrack signed by Ennio Morricone, for me, one of the most beautiful sound track that has been made up to now for movies. Once Upon a Time in America following the life of Noodles, an immigrant youth, and explores childhood friendships, loss, broken relationships, and the appearance of mobsters in American society. With many poetic tints and that it lapses three different times, in the childhood in the years 20 during the dry law and 60´s. At this time you will be wondering: What the relation gangster's movie with food?"

For me this relation is in a beautiful and moving scene, one of the most tender that has never seen on movies. One of the main characters wants a sexual favors of a young neighbor, for it she asks him to buy her a cup cake. When he arrives, she was taking a bath, and asks him to wait her. He installs in the stairway, at first time he opens the package and look, and soon he closes it .After a few minutes , again, he opens it and goes the finger by the icing and it fixes the cream again so that the youth doesn't notice. After a long time waiting he not tolerate more, and eat greedily the cup cake. When she finally opens the door, the young man came out.

For me is an allegory about the innocence and the mature life.

In the side I leave them some scenes of the movie as well as the beautiful music

With this scene I was inspired to make this cake above. Simply with simple and easy ingredients,but full of taste,like the same real life.

For the carrots cake

3 washed carrots

3 large eggs

1Cups oil, not very full

Mix all in blender

3 Cups wheat flour

1 tablespoon baking powder

2 Cups sugar

mix the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients and to bake in hot oven

For the whipped cream

400 Ml of butter cream

7 Tablespoons f sugar

Beat in the blender until that the hitter leaves marks

For the filler

700 G cut strawberries with sugar

Leave the strawberries with the sugar until they loose I liquidate

Strain and extend the syrup on the cake that should be cut in two

Mix the cream with the cut strawberries and fill the cake.

Take to the refrigerator during some hours.

Ps To make this tinny cake cost me four points in my finger. I cut whit a cutter cake when I washed it


Susan said...

Sylvia, what a lovely, insightful interpretation of a very sweet movie scene.

Thank you for participating. Now I want a cupcake of my own!

Sylvia said...

Thank ,Susan . I really enjoy to participate,I am a big movie fan.

KellytheCulinarian said...

Beautiful dessert, thanks for the story.

Sylvia said...

Kelly ,Thank a lot

Cynthia I don´t know was happen with your comment,but I read now.Thank for you kind words. I work so hard in this post and your comment has been very enjoyable. It is true, to have worked with advertising has occurred big stylish notions

Thistlemoon said...

Such a cool idea! I love food movies! Such a great scene for a movie! Your cake looks beautiful as well!